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The Love of Learning

Our public school systems cannot give our children the education they need. 

America's schools today are like factories designed to churn out endless waves of the same product. Each student is expected to meet the same standards at the same time, and crammed into a classroom with so many other students that receiving the individualized help they need is difficult and sometimes impossible. The problem is, children are not products. You cannot apply the same process to every student and expect them all to turn out the same.

Drawing on 17 years teaching in the public school system, 18 years homeschooling seven children, and four years helping parents homeschool through a charter school program, Aaron Holbrook argues for a radically new view of education. The idea at its core is that kids can be taught to view their education as a joy rather than a chore, and once the love of learning ignites, teaching is easy. 

'The Love of Learning' is the story of a homeschooling mom struggling to navigate the educational landscapes of her children. It's also a philosophical treatise that explains how kids can be taught to love learning, and why this is more vital than any other lesson imaginable.

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The Love of Learning

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