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      As longtime educators, we've seen it all when it comes to how kids learn. We have both worked in the traditional public school classroom as well as in charter schools. Through it all we are also homeschooling our seven children. 

      On the outside it may appear that we fit the traditional homeschool stereotype. We have a large family. We work from home. We live on a farm. We have a conservative Christian get the picture.  Once you get to know us, however, you will realize that outward appearances aren't everything. We see education in a very different way than many other homeschool families. We see opportunity, not curriculum, as the key to success. We see a love of learning as the most important subject you can teach your children. 

      We most definitely don't let our kids rule the house, but we are raising them to be adults, not adolescents. That means we give them freedom and choice. We work with them, not for them. And most importantly, we don't milk our goats.